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Join the 72% of Americans who say they NEED Foresyte as a lifestyle planning solution
*National survey conducted by Anthology Research

Lifestyle Planning


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Lifestyle Reimagined

Foresyte – your one-stop-shop for lifestyle planning – is a calendar<>budgeting hybrid designed to help optimize your time and money so you can do more of what you love.

The first of its kind, this powerful app delivers total peace of mind for planning your busy life on the go.

From vacations to concerts, or game nights to date nights, Foresyte brings clarity to the fun parts of life.





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Social Calendar

Stay on top of your social life with Foresyte's collaborative planning tools, which sync up with your phone contacts to keep you and friends aligned on fun plans.

Share events amongst friends and take the stress out of planning social events with larger groups or clubs.

Manage event invites, confirm who's attending, and bring the banter to planning with comment threads.

  • No more forgetting about our concert next Thursday!

  • View a full calendar of your upcoming social events

  • Remove the guesswork from social planning 

Budgeting Aid

Foresyte’s event-based budgeting framework is approachable and effective, and focuses on the road ahead to actively guide better decisions.

Learn more about your monthly cash flow to conveniently budget for the big things in life.

Interact with the sleek calendar ‘heatmap’ to inform your decisions and see how future outcomes will be impacted by the plans you commit to today. 

  • Get the most from your discretionary budget

  • Become more intentional about your spending

  • Finally know the right times to say no

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Smart Travel

Book upcoming travel with confidence by using Foresyte's predictive Travel Planner map.

Crowdsourced insights from other demographically similar users show you the true cost of traveling to any city around the world before anything has been booked.

Browse global cities from the map view and apply filters to view specific expense types relevant to your trip.

  • Tap into insights held by nobody on this planet 

  • Let the app organize all the expenses for your trip

  • Collaborate with friends to build the perfect itinerary

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See why 72% of Americans say they NEED Foresyte as a lifestyle planning solution. Join the movement.


  • Share events amongst friends and never miss out on those fun plans again

  • Take the stress out of planning social events with larger groups or clubs 

  • Bring the banter to social planning with event comment threads

  • Manage invites and check who’s coming to the social event you’re planning

  • View your full calendar of upcoming, pending, and past social events

  • See on which dates your friends are available to make fun plans


  • Benchmark your monthly cash flow and learn about your personal EBITA 

  • Become more intentional about how you spend what’s leftover each month

  • See how much you’ve spent, month-to-date, on any day (present or future)

  • View your full slate of lifestyle activities, grouped & itemized for convenience


  • Browse global cities and apply filters to view specific expense types

  • Kick back and let Foresyte organize all the expenses for your upcoming trip 

  • Collaborate with friends to build out the perfect travel itinerary

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Very user friendly and visually appealing. It helped me organize my budget (specially for while traveling & work). Really made it easy to plan out and stay within my yearly budget.

- sydthekid


Helps me keep track of my finances while also allowing me to budget for future events that I can plan inside the app with friends. Appreciate the event sharing option so you can full on budget / plan social events simultaneously. Giving me a lot of insight as to where my money is going each month. Spiffy app!



I have been needing some way to plan for all my trips coming up and I’m so excited to have found this app

- emm18163674


A great tool to be able to maximize the bang for your buck. It solves a key challenge for planning with groups to quickly evaluate if you can swing an upcoming trip or event. They did a good job laying out macro-finances with enough granularity to make the figures impactful.

- Erik. S


This little app helps me keep my life organized when it comes to my financial stuff because Lord knows financial stuff is not my strong suit. Tested this out when I went to Miami. Last time I went to Miami it was almost twice as expensive as everything I did got lost in translation. But now I’m lot more organized thanks to Foresyte.

- andy mas


I just wish we had been able to use an app like this when we were younger and were wanting to grab all that life had to give but needed to be a little more thoughtful about the timing of things for our end-of-the-month reality check.

- beenthere